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           "We welcome you to authentic Italian cooking of the kind that nourishes both body and spirit. We welcome you to generous portions rooted in genuine hospitality. We welcome you to our second and third generation family-run business where
we take pleasure in serving you the best!
The Ben-Mar’s founders Benedetta and Marino Zazzera Sr. opened in 1963
 featuring Italian specialties in this former D&H Canal Company office building built in 1927. The original structure was used by D&H from 1927 to 1960 as Penn Division headquarters. Division superintendents, train dispatchers, the road foreman of engineers and various other representatives had offices in what is known today as [Little] Nikki’s at The Ben Mar Restaurant.
Now in three generations- Benedetta and Marino Zazzera Sr.’s son Dominic Zazzera and grandson “Little Nikki” Zazzera assure the  tradition of quality food and service continues. Nikki’s at the Ben-Mar’s wonderful and original recipes are still made daily. Soups, salads, dressings, bread, and entrees are all home made!”

Restaurant Owners

Original Owners:
Benedette and Marino Zazzera Sr. -"Ben-Mar"

Culinary Team


Head Culinary Chef Dominic Zazzera
Baker/ Pastry Chef Debra Lee
Chef Tony Sirianni
Dominic Gigliotti
Shawn Tonkin

General Management

Dominic Zazzera

"Little Nikki" Zazzera

Andrea Gigliotti

Shayla Mecca
Debra Travis


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